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Ashtree MOUSE hat

When the cat’s away, the mice will play! Mice are keystone species in almost every ecosystem. In forests, fields, and deserts, mice represent food to predators of all sizes. And in their quasi-agricultural role as harvesters of seeds, rodents actively shape our landscape. Wild mice are diligent parents, building elaborate grassy nests to keep their young safe and warm. Did you know that mouse moms force mouse dads to care for their kids?

Our linen season collection consists of the highest quality softened linen garments ensuring comfort and practicality. Linen is a universal material suitable for wearing from early spring to late autumn. Due to its unique thermoregulatory properties it maintains the optimal body temperature in both hot and cool weather.


• Exterior: 100% softened, dyed linen

• Lining: 100% neutral softened linen

• Fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified.

The hat has laces that tie under the chin to better hold and protect the baby’s ears from the wind. Brim can be sewn straight or wavy by your preference.

All our listings are photographed in different conditions (days/ligtning/place), so colour appearance may vary. For the better understanding check our colour chart –

Hat can come with a matching collar. For more information on collars, please see the collar listing:!/Linen-Collar/p/534409626/category=0

Ethically designed and manufactured in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Photographed in Plitvica, Croatia.

* Each piece is pre-ordered taking 3-10 business days to sew before shipping.
** Items can be slightly different than in the pictures, since each piece is handcrafted.
*** Our headwear should be used under direct supervision of an adult.

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