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Ordinary squirrels are looking for food all day long. Half of it they eat immediately, the other half they hideout. This is how they prepare their winter stocks. Squirrels eat pine cones, flowers, shoots, insects, mushrooms, nuts, rosehips. One gray squirrel can dig thousands of food hiding places every season – and far from all of them she can find later. This is called scattering and it helps hidden seeds to grow into trees.

We included several types of wool fabrics in the fall / winter collection, but we stayed loyal to our signature fabric – linen. The prevailing myth is that linen is exclusively a summer fabric, but did you know that linen fibre is used to insulate houses? The top layer of wool fabric and soft linen lining creates extra comfort and warmth. The thermoregulatory properties of both fabrics ensure that the optimal body temperature is maintained while preventing overheating by absorbing and evaporating moisture.


• Outside : 70% wool, 30% angora wool

• Lining : 100% softened linen

• Inner ears : 70% alpaca / 30% wool or 100% linen ( optionally )

The bonnet has wool laces that tie under the chin to better hold and protect the baby’s ears from the cold weather.

Ethically handmade in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Photographed in Karkle, Lithuania.

* Each piece is pre-ordered taking 3-10 business days to sew before shipping.
** Items can be slightly different than in the pictures, since each piece is handcrafted.

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