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honey CROCODILE bonnet

Meet the ultimate guardians of waterways, the awe-inspiring crocodiles. Armed with armored bodies, powerful jaws, and razor-sharp teeth, they have ruled the Earth for millions of years. From stealthy hunters to nurturing parents, crocodiles display a remarkable range of behaviors. Their haunting calls and ancient rituals remind us of their enduring legacy. Yet, as habitat loss threatens their existence, we must protect these living relics to preserve the balance of nature. Embrace the intrigue and power of the crocodile, an emblem of resilience and evolution.

Our linen season collection consists of the highest quality softened linen garments ensuring comfort and practicality. Linen is a universal material suitable for wearing from early spring to late autumn. Due to its unique thermoregulatory properties it maintains the optimal body temperature in both hot and cool weather.


• Exterior: 100% softened, dyed linen

• Lining: 100% neutral softened linen

• Fabrics are OEKO-TEX® certified.

The bonnet has lace that ties under the chin to better hold and protect the baby’s ears from the wind. The lace is adjustable by tightening it to fit around neck nicely and individually for each child. The brim of the bonnet protects a child from the sun, and can be easily fold up by preference.

Model Uosis was 2y7m old ( head circumference 51/52cm ) and wore size 51. For the best sizing always measure your baby’s head circumference.

All our listings are photographed in different conditions (days/ligtning/place), so colour appearance may vary. For the better understanding check our colour chart – https://ashgeneration.com/product/

Bonnet can come with a matching collar. For more information on collars, please see the collar listing: https://www.ashgeneration.com/#!/Linen-Collar/p/534409626/category=0

Ethically designed and manufactured in Klaipeda, Lithuania.
Photographed in Malaga, Spain.

* Each piece is pre-ordered taking 3-10 business days to sew before shipping.
** Items can be slightly different than in the pictures, since each piece is handcrafted.
*** Our headwear should be used under direct supervision of an adult.

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