ASH | Conscious Generation


Ash [ LT: Uosis ] – the name of our son. Without him this story wouldn’t exist. And the story is simple. Quite obvious that the name our boy got came from our immerse love for nature, which we seek to pass on to our children as one of the greatest virtues. We believe that generation of Ash will heal and recover our weakened Earth, and in the meanwhile, we, searching for the balance between consumerism and sustainability dare to create timeless products.

As a family our core values are the respect for each other and each other’s passions, ability to feel free while being together and, of course, our main focus is to embrace the nature. Especially when our boy was born, we started to understand the importance of it. We are working together for our dream to create a more aware world and better future for our children.

And this is me, Asta, a mother of our wonderful boy. I would describe myself as a kind and creative person. I graduated at Vilnius academy of arts, where I got my professional jewellers degree. I grew up in a countryside, always surrounded by nature. My father made a really big impact on my understanding about a respectful view to our Earth. He showed me every nesting bird, every serpent in our backyard, he took me from my sleep in his hands at 4am to show me bats flying in the night sky. And I will always be thankful for this. Now, when I have my own child, it brings me the best memories of my own childhood. And I want to create moments worth remembering for my boy too.

But life is different now, we always rush for endless work, so now I understand the need of balance. By creating this project I want to promote slow living ideas and try to inspire people to reconnect with nature. My roles at this brand are a photographer, content creator, writer, ideas seeker and final products maker. But the main thing – I’m a mother. I’m always passionate about everything I do and I believe in a greener, kinder, less toxic future we all will create together.

And there’s the man I love ( two actually ☻ ), a father of our boy. He stole my heart with his kindness and courage to dream. Edvinas finished business studies in the Netherlands and South Korea. Before we started dating, he wrote to me that he exchanged his career into music, as he says, his calling. He was crazy and I felt inspired. I always was blessed to have an opportunity to do what I love in life, so finding a man who would work for his dreams despite everyone being against him – I knew that it would lead somewhere. And here we are! Edvinas do all the background work of our brand that includes ideas generation, business strategy, marketing, communication with suppliers and partners, graphic design and all the other tasks shared together.

We also have two dogs – the best companions for our son. Aya was rescued from the shelter, she was the first one who joined our family. She’s the most unique mix-breed dog I’ve ever seen! She’s like a fox – smart, wild and always getting what she wants. She’s an unbelievable comfort seeker – she won’t go outside if it rains! And here’s the totally opposite – Bireli. A royal german shepherd, lazy bastard that chews all my boots! Despite all the trifles – he’s the most loving dog ever. Knowing the importance of having a dog in childhood I feel happy seeing the bond they create together with our son. These dogs fulfill our lives with compassion, unselfishness, loyalty and care. Truly adventurous life we have with those furry friends!

We feel very happy to share our life with you, and we hope you will join our community of Nature lovers.